How to setup Collections list in Broadcast

Broadcast includes a customizable Collections list feature which includes the ability to choose which collections are displayed, a custom image and link to each collection and a preview of products to showcase each collection. A Collections list can be used as an index page for all or some of your collections. 

Example page:

Two main collections are featured here:

How to:

In the Theme Editor (Customize theme), use the drop-down menu (Home page):

Choose Collections list:

In the Sections tab, choose Collection list for the settings:

(1) Choose Selected if you'd like to pick and sort your collections to display on page:

(2) Use the Content area, Add collection to add your collections.

Choose your collection, add a name if you'd like to replace the standard collection name and your custom image to showcase the collection:

The six-dots handle icon on the right of each content block can be used to sort your Collections list. Use drag-and-drop to position each collection for sorting:

Save the Theme Editor changes:

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