Transparent Header

Tips on using a transparent header in Broadcast:

This feature was added in v1.1. If your theme is earlier, you will need to download a newer version to use a transparent and/or sticky header. 

Settings for transparent header are found in the Header section settings:

There are three main setting options:

1. Enable on homepage - Toggle to display transparent header on your main homepage. 

2. Enable on collection - Toggle to display transparent header on collection pages when you have a collection image set. 

3. Alternate logo image - This image is required when any of the first two settings are enabled. You can use a different colored logo here which works best with your background image. 

Example, if you have a black logo over a white for your standard navigation:

Then, use a lighter colored alternate logo image for the transparent header:

Sticky navigation

When using a Sticky header style, it's important to have both an alternate logo image and the regular logo image set. The regular logo image will appear as the customer scrolls down the page:

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