Mega Menu Images

Broadcast includes a feature to to add custom images with links to your existing Shopify Navigation menus:

Example before:

This feature was added in v1.1. If your theme is earlier, you will need to download a newer version to use navigation images. 

Here are a few tips on how to add menu menu content to your navigation.

In the Theme Editor (Customize theme), choose the Header section settings:

Towards the bottom under Navigation, you'll find a section for content:

Choose Add mega menu. 

The Submenu item must match your top-level navigation menu item like "Shop":


(Shop or shop are both acceptable, as long as it matches your top-level menu item name)

That allows you to associate the content into the menu. 

You can add additional images and links to each content block. In our example, we've added a second image with links.  

Save your changes:

How to make a image-only menu

Example of a drop-down menu with only mega menu images and links:

Start by creating a top-level menu in your main navigation without any menu items:

Tip: Use a hashmark/hashtag for the link:

Once created, you'll have a blank top-level menu item:

Next, in your Theme Editor (Customize theme), under the Header section settings, add a new content block in the navigation area for a mega menu:

Be sure to match the top-level menu item with the Submenu item (Collections or collections are both acceptable):

Now you can add your images and links to build the all image style drop-down menu:

Save your changes:

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