Nested menus: How to create a drop-down menu

This article is to assist stores with older themes that have not updated to Shopify's Nested Menus.

Shopify recently released Nested Menus

The new navigation system uses drag and drop within on main menu rather than linking multiple menus. Here's a few examples and links on how to use nested menus. 

From your Main Menu, create all your menu items and then drag & drop them under a parent menu or child menu:

Drag and drop to make child menus (Clearance and Under $100 are child to Sale after drag and drop)

If Sale is a Level 1 menu, then this makes Clearance and Under $100 Level 2 menu items:


In this example, we will add two child menus to the Blogs menu item:

In the Main Menu, Blogs is a Level 1 menu item (Shop, Pages, Blogs, About and Sign-in are all Level 1 menu items). 

I've created two more menu items and dragged them under Blogs to create my Level 2 child menu items:

After dragging and dropping to create a drop-down, I can use the "Add menu items to Blogs" link to create additional new child menu items to Blogs.

Here's more about Nested Menus from Shopify:

Videos to help by Shopify:
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