How to setup Currency Conversion

Broadcast includes a built-in currency converter. 

This feature was added in v1.1. If your theme is earlier, you will need to download a newer version to add the currency converter. 

Here are a few tips on how to setup and use the currency converter. 

Theme Settings

In the Theme Editor (Customize theme), you'll find the settings under the Theme settings tab:

Enable currency conversion:

Use that checkbox to activate or deactivate the currency converter.


Allows you to show currency code next to the price for countries that share the dollar symbol ($). For example USD and AUD share the same symbol. You can force to hide or show AUD after the price.

Example with currency USD -> AUD:

Countries that use other symbols like EUR, GBP, JPY, INR will always show their symbol. This setting only affects countries using the dollar symbol. 

Example without currency for USD -> AUD:

Supported currencies:

Add the currency codes that you wish to display in your currency drop-down menu:

Default Currency:

Configure your default currency which will appear in the navigation:

Store Currency Format

In order to use the currency converter, your store's currency format may need to be modified with span money tags:

To update your store's currency format, use the main Settings option in your Shopify Admin:

Choose General:

Scroll down to Store currency. Click on Change formatting to expand:

Here is where you'll need to add the span tags:

Shopify has an article to help you with this:

Samples to copy/paste

Example format to use for HTML with currency (replace USD with your format):

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>

Example format to use for HTML without currency:

<span class=money>${{amount}}</span>

No decimals format

If you're using the amount_no_decimals format, then use these samples. Keep in mind, when the conversion occurs with another currency, decimals will be shown. The initial value will be without decimals, the converted version will include decimals. 

HTML with currency (replace USD with your format):

<span class=money>${{amount_no_decimals}} USD</span>

HTML without currency:

<span class=money>${{amount_no_decimals}}</span>

Using the Currency Converter

Broadcast will place the currency drop-down in your navigation. The currency will dynamically change the price value and symbol.

Example product page:

Collection page example:


If you have any currency converter applications installed, they will need to be deactivated. This is the primary reason the theme's currency convertor won't function correctly.

Check your Apps list and deactivate or remove any currency converter apps. These apps will conflict if running with the theme. 

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