How do I download the latest version of Broadcast?

The current version of Broadcast is v1.8.1, if you're running your shop on an older version, you can download the latest version for free to update your shop. 

See download instructions below feature list - Click here

What's new in Broadcast 1.7

Quickview feature now loads faster and has been optimized for greater overall performance: 

New support for unit pricing (currently supported in Shopify stores located in Germany and France). Unit pricing is included on the main product page, cart page, Quickview modal, customer order status page and all product grid listings like collection pages, recently viewed products, recommended products, product search.

Example of product grid listing on collection page:

Example of product page with unit pricing:

Collection page listings are now faster. New setting for products per page: Choose how many products per page to be shown. Endless scroll has been removed to help improve overall theme speed and performance:

Use Shopify Admin to choose default social share image for social media platforms:

New setting to display or hide reCAPTCHA terms 

Mobile cart icon will now update dynamically as you make make changes on the cart page:

Overall Lighthouse speed improvements have been included in this release of Broadcast theme. 

What's new in Broadcast 1.6

Show variants as boxes

Allows variants to be displayed in boxed options instead of dropdown select format. Easier for customers to see all variant options:

Toggle setting in Theme settings -> Product grid

New collection filtering option in Broadcast 1.6

Choosing "By group" as the Filter mode in your collection settings, allows you to build custom groups to filter by. In this example, our Surfboards collection allows the customer to filter by ability level when trying to find the right product:

Simply create new tags for your products to allow grouping. This is done by using an underscore "_" in the tag:

Underscores are needed to build these custom filter groups. In our example, we used:


Language and Currency options in Footer

Shopify's new language switcher - Use supported apps to provide translations:

Currency switcher option in footer when using Shopify Payments:

Example EUR currency in checkout (default currency is USD):

New in Broadcast 1.2

  • Adds support for automatic discounts and buy-one-get-one discounts
  • Adds support for the new product recommendations
  • Adds live search
  • Improved add to cart popup cart notifications
  • Adds an image and text column section
  • Adds an icons with text section
  • Adds a logos section

New homepage sections in Broadcast 1.2

Logo list - Add a list of logos to your homepage:

Text columns with images - Add a range of columns with image and text content options:

Above example when using Equalize image heights option. 

Below without:

When using Equalize height option, you can adjust the height ratio of your images:

Text row with icons - Use icons with text to highlight shop features:

Icon options:

New product recommendations settings are found in the Theme Editor under Product pages:

Settings include:

New in Broadcast 1.1

  • Transparent header
  • Sticky header
  • Built-in currency converter
  • Navigation images
  • Featured post section for the blog
  • New translations: Portuguese and Spanish

Full release notes:

Broadcast Releases


When you download the latest version, that will be a separate theme that you can configure and prepare before publishing. Your current theme isn't affected by downloading the latest version of Broadcast. The new theme will be installed as a draft theme, your live theme remains the same (safe from this download). 

How to update your theme:

General instructions by Shopify:
How to update your theme

Visit the Shopify Theme Store and log in. For paid themes, it is important to log in to the account that you used to buy the theme. This will prevent you from being asked to buy the theme again.

Download Broadcast update in the Theme Store:
Shopify Theme Store

Click  Add latest theme version:

Tip: You must be logged-in to the account that purchased the original theme. Updates are free and attached to the login that originally made the purchase. 

If you see "Try theme" and "Buy theme" options, logout and log-in again with the account that purchased the theme. Be sure the main button has "Add latest theme version". 

How to copy over your theme settings

We've created additional notes to help Broadcast customers update and migrate their settings:

How to copy your settings to the new theme:
Tips for migrating your settings and homepage sections

Updating does not affect your live theme

When you download the latest version of Broadcast, you'll be able to continue running your current theme and also setup the new version as an unpublished draft theme. This allows you to safely continue running your shop without any interruption. The tips above will help you copy over your settings information from your current theme to make the migration easier. Once you've setup the new theme and ready to publish it, you can do so and your old them will still be available for reference.

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