Broadcast Releases

V1.6.3 - June 26 2020

  • Improved mobile layout for newsletter pop-up when using an image. Resolves blurry image issue and small input space when button text is long. 
  • Corrects PayPal dynamic payment button not displaying after quantity change on cart page.
  • Fixes shipping calculator currency money format on cart page.
  • Yotpo ratings will now appear correctly on collection pages after an endless scroll load. 

V1.6.2 - June 4 2020

  • URL fragments can now be used with variant history on the product page
  • Better variant focus states for tab-thru 
  • Fixes issue with swatches on collection page after endless scroll occurs
  • Adds a simpler way to manage pre-order products
  • Fixes issue where leading or trailing non-breaking space could prevent megamenu from matching a name
  • Fix small screen grid for related products 

V1.6.0 & 1.6.1 - March 26 2020

  • Added support for checkout in multiple currencies when using Shopify Payments - Learn more
  • Added currency switcher to the footer settings - View supported apps
  • New group filtering mode added - Allows you to build custom groups to filter by. Tag your products with custom prefix and underscore to build custom groups - Learn more
  • Adds Shopify Pay multi currency select to footer
  • Removes currency estimator from header
  • Adds support for Store Languages
  • Adds a tag filtering sidebar popout
  • Moves tag and sort popdowns on the collection page
  • Show variants as boxes added to Product Grid settings (displays variants in box format similar to swatches instead of dropdowns) - Learn more

V1.5.2 - March 17 2020

  • Fixes an issue with the YouTube Background videos 

V1.5.1 - Feb 25 2020

  • Adds a custom HTML section to make instagram app integration

V1.5.0 - Feb 20 2020

  • Product Media - Shopify now supports Video and 3D model files on product pages. This release supports Shopify's new product media formats. Additional details
  • Removes Instagram section Learn more

V1.3.0 - Jan 10 2020

  • Add new bold preset
  • Adds a split here section

V1.2.3 - July 17 2019

  • Corrects an issue with endless scroll. Most noticeable when loading third page of products on collection pages.
  • Added the ability to turn off endless scroll in Layout settings under Theme settings.

V1.2.0 - June 10 2019

  • Adds support for automatic discounts and buy-one-get-one discounts
  • Adds support for the new product recommendations
  • Adds live search (using the old API for now, we built this right before the new API came out)
  • Improved add to cart popup cart notifications
  • Adds an image and text column section
  • Adds an icons with text section
  • Adds a logos section

V1.1.0 - April 24 2019

  • New translations: Portuguese and Spanish
  • Tweaks price and title mobile sizing
  • Switch open graph tags to JSON-LD remove messy itemprop markup
  • Improved screen reader performance
  • Improved homepage blog layout
  • Improved layout for collections list page
  • Transparent header setting
  • Meganav images
  • Sticky header setting
  • Add support for javascript currency switcher
  • Featured post section for the blog
  • Background video sound setting added for browsers that support audio autoplay
  • Update schema with contact url
  • Bug fix: Hide default variant title in cart
  • Bug fix: Fix quickview showing incorrect product on homepage with multiple collections
  • Bug fix: Fix footer social link colors

V1.0.0 - March 6 2019

Initial release   🎉

The Broadcast release log keeps track of the date and contents of each Broadcast release.  Use this document to keep track of new versions and features. We always recommend staying up to date with the most recent version.

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