How to add a note with your order

The cart settings can be found by navigating to the cart in the Theme Editor or using the top dropdown menu and selecting cart:

Change to Cart and then on the left Sections tab, choose Cart page:

Under Cart page, verify Enable order notes is checked. That will enable an option under the Check out button to leave a note:

When you click on the link, it expands the note form:

If you'd like the input box borders to standout more, use the color options under Theme settings:

The setting under General for Lines and borders will adjust boarder colors including the form input box:

The note will appear in our Shopify Orders under Notes:

Adjust the label text

Use the Language Editor to change the title of the input text from "Leave a note about your order" to anything you like:

The Language Editor can be found easily from the Theme actions button at the bottom of the Theme Editor:

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