How to setup Disqus blog commenting

Broadcast allows you to incorporate Disqus commenting into your blog posts. There are many advantages of using Disqus as it's widely used on many platforms and manages account logins, personal commenting settings and has rich commenting tools including graphics and reactions. In this article we will cover the steps needed to setup Disqus and obtain a shortname which will be used in Broadcast. 


Configure Disqus to add a site 

You'll need a Disqus account. If you don't have one, create or use a social media login that they support. Use the following link to sign-up to create/add a site:

After you login, choose "I want to install Disqus on my site":

The next screen is where you can setup a Website name. This in most cases will become the shortname which is used in Broadcast. Choose your name here. We've used "broadcast-store" for this article only, you'll want to add something that relates to your store:

Use the Create Site button to continue. In the next screen choose "Shopify":

You can skip all these six steps, we've already added this code into Broadcast. Simply use the Configure button to continue:

In this next step, be sure to add the full URL address of your store. If you have a custom domain name, use that. 

Include "https://" in the front as in my example:

Use the Complete Setup button to continue and then press on the "Configure your site's community settings" option:

This is the important page, you'll find a section at the top called "Shortname". Verify the name here. Our example setup has "broadcast-store":

You'll need that shortname (which is unique for all stores) for the next step. Copy to your clipboard. 


Add Disqus shortname in Theme Editor

Open the Theme Editor (Customize theme) and chose the Theme settings tab. From there choose Comments & Reviews:

Under Articles, you'll find the Disqus settings:

Check the Enable Disqus box and add your unique shortname below:

Save your settings.

Your blogs are now ready to use Disqus commenting.


Comment settings and Moderation

All moderation and commenting settings are now handled in your Disqus admin panel under Community:

Go through these settings to manage functionality. Please note, these settings will apply to all your blogs. 

Here's a good walk-through by Disqus to cover these settings:

Note: When using Disqus, the Comments settings in your Shopify admin are not used:

All moderation settings are handled in the main Disqus Community section and override any of your Shopify moderation settings. 

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