How to send a Share Preview Link to your theme

When working with an unpublished theme or better known as a draft theme, you can send out a Share preview link which allows anyone who has the link to preview your work/site. Share preview links expire after a certain number of days and are randomly generated by Shopify. This is a great tool for getting feedback from anyone who needs to view your site before it's live or to view a concept version of the existing site. 

How to:


Preview theme from the Theme Editor

In the Theme Editor (Customize theme), use the Theme actions button at the bottom left side and choose Preview theme:

That will open a new tab in your browser with a preview of your shop.


Obtain Share Preview Link

Once the new browser tab opens a preview of your shop, locate the Share preview button which is at the bottom right:

Click the Share preview button and a pop-up box will appear similar to:

Couple things to notice - The name of your draft theme is displayed and the expiry of the preview share link.

Next, click on the Copy link button:


Using the Share Preview Link

Now that you've copied the Share preview link, paste it a new browser tab or the same tab you're already on and press enter to load the link URL:

Note: The Share preview link at this point is only for your homepage.

Once your shop has loaded with the Share preview link, you can freely browse to any page. 

Browse to a page that you want to share with us - This can be product, collection or any page on your shop. 

You'll notice that the Share preview link remains as the first part and the second portion has the address of the page you've browsed to:


Send the Complete Share Preview Link address

Copy that entire address:

Send us the entire address. 

That link will allow us to view the same page of your draft theme. 

Example of entire address:

You can share the same link with anyone to help preview the work you've done with your theme. The link will expire, usually after 14 days. If you need a new link, repeat the above steps.

If you need to share multiple links, continue to another page and copy that link. Verify that the Share preview link has been maintained in the first portion of the URL address.


In Step 1, if your menu options from Theme actions shows View theme instead of Preview theme:

That means you're viewing a live/published theme. If that's the case, you can just browse to any page and send the regular URL address. Live addresses are public and a Share preview link is not required. 

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