How to add a PDF download to a page

If you'd like to have a PDF file available as download on a product page, you can use these tips. This method can also be used on a regular Page, Blog post and Collection description. 


Upload your PDF file

In your Shopify Admin, under Settings - Choose Files:

Quick link:

Use the Upload files button located at the top-right and upload your PDF file(s) here:


Copy the file URL

After the upload has completed, copy the entire URL address:

The filename is longer than the viewable space so be sure you copy the entire URL. 


Create a download link in your Product description editor

Find the product that you'll be adding the link to. 

In the product description, add some text like "Download PDF". 

Then select the text which will be the link:

After you select the text, choose the Link icon to create the link:

(3) In the Link window, paste your URL from (full URL that you copied from the earlier step).

(4) Change the dropdown to "a new window" so that PDF opens in the background rather than taking the customer away from your product page.

(5) Add a Link title to help with SEO. Use the Insert link button (6) to complete.

Save your product page and view the product page.

Advanced optional step - Make your link a button

To change the link to be styled like a button, you can edit the code that's generated by the Link tool and add a class. This is more advanced, only change if you're comfortable with HTML and CSS classes.

Switch to Code View mode:

Add a class to the link:

class="btn btn--secondary btn--neutral"


Save the changes:

Then use the View link to preview the button:


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