Upsell - How to add a "Goes With" product

As of version 2.0, Broadcast has implemented a built-in feature that allows you to link a "Goes with" product to another product. This allows the customer to purchase two separate products within one product page. This "Goes with" form will appear below your Add to Cart buttons.


How to:

To pair a product with another, you simply add a tag to the main product. The tag links to the upsell product. 

Here's an example of the product Carnation:

We've added a product tag called: _upsell_radiance

Radiance is the upsell product which will appear on the Carnation product page as "Goes with".

There are two requirements when using these special upsell tags:

  1. Must prefix your tag with _upsell_
  2. The second part of the tag must match the handle of the upsell item. Both parts together: _upsell_radiance


If your upsell product has a variant there is a third requirement, add the variant id after the product handle. 

Example tag with variant: 


This would allow the customer to buy Radiance with the selected variant directly from the Carnation product page.

Finding your Product Handle and Variant ID

The first step in featuring an upsell product is finding the product handle. If you want to associate Item A with Item B, you are looking for the product handle of Item A.

A is the upsell product/variant
B is the primary product

  • From the Shopify admin, choose "Products"
  • Navigate to the product you wish to use as the upsell

Product with no variants

  • At the bottom of the page, you should see the heading "Search engine listing preview". Click the link to the right of this heading called "Edit website SEO". 
  • Under the heading "URL and handle" copy your product handle. In this example the product handle is gift-card.

Product with variants

In addition to needing the product handle, you will also need the variant ID.

  • While in the product page backend, scroll down to "Variants"
  • Click "Edit" beside the variant option you want to use
  • In the URL, you should see an additional number at the end. This is the variant ID. In the below example, the variant ID is 39284878966848.
  • Copy this number.


Two Pack Variant ID

Connecting your Products using Tags

Now that you have the product ID and potentially variant ID, you need to create a tag to connect your upsell product to the main product. Using the example above, if you want to associate Item A with Item B, you are adding the tag to Item B.

Use the following tag structure, depending on whether or not your product has variants:

Product with no variants


Product with variants



Using the above examples, your tags would look like:

With no variant:



With a variant:


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